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What a minute,

When I read Roas' post, I understood that the oil plug was removed, and the oil was taking an hour or so for a drop of it to fall out, and then he put the topsider in, and got 2-3 ounces of oil out.

Now my question is, is waiting 12 hours going to get those 2-3 ounces out at 1 drop an hour, (especially since the oil will have cooled down dramatically 3 hours after the motor is shut off)

Now I'm far from a genious, but I suspect 2-3 ounces is much more then the 12 or 20 drops that will seep out overnight.

So based on Roas' evidence, I'm beginning to think that LB has been leaving his car parked overnight with the oil plug out, only to have left an ounce mabye of dirty oil in his car. And they still lasted a long time, even though he refused to get that last bit out with the Topsider

oh, dread the thought


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