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300E '86 probable ignition coil issue

i have a 300E 1986 with close to 300,000miles on it. everytime i put the keys into the ignition and turn it to where the radio is on and the engine check light is on, i hear this god awful clicking sound coming from the engine. it keeps clicking even after i start the car and runing idle. today i took the air filter off just to see where to clicking was coming from and it was underneath the fuel distributor but close to the engine wall. the only thing that i can see thats near the engine wall and underneath the fuel distributor is the ignition coil. Do you guys think its the ignition coil? or is it something else thats causing this clicking noise near this particular area. while the keys where in the ignition and the clicking sound was going on, i pull almost every sensor thats accessable and pluged them back in to see if they were the cause to the problem...but that didnt work..

your thoughts and comments are appreciated..
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