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Hey, this is getting fun!

I think Larry nailed it on the second post. It doesn't matter what method you use to change the oil, and I don't believe it matter s if one removes an additional 100ml of used oil. Simply getting the maintenance done on time and well is the only secret.

A little math A typical MB engine contains about 8500ml of oil. If draining out the plug leaves 200ml in the pan, that means about 98% of the old oil has been removed. Assuming the topsider is more efficient and leaves only 100ml in the pan, that means 99% of the oil oil has been removed. Technically better, but does anyone believe that getting 1% more old oil out is going to noticably affect engine life? Especially in a well maintained engine? I don't

Oh, BTW, I use the oil-drain-plug method. Haven't gotten around to purchasing a topsider yet...
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