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I have to wade in with my 2 cents:

I use the Topsider on my twin engine boat (drain plugs inaccessible to any human taller than 8".) It's discouraging to see how much dirty oil is left on the dipstick even after changing the filter and working like crazy to get the last drops. After seeing the results with my boat, I would NEVER use it exclusively on my 560SL.

With the investment we have in our Mercedes-Benz autos, I'd think you'd want to get under the car and drain every last drop of, if you're getting sludge with the topsider that you aren't draining with the drip method, maybe it's time to head to the garage and have the oil pan removed, cleaned and re-installed. <that> anal enough for you?

Again, only my humble opinion.


'87 560 SL

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