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Boy, somebody got it right, this really is fun!

To bad we don't have a Engineer from Mercedes to really ignite this topic! Anybody know any employee's there? Hehe

Larry, to bad they don't make a quick disconnect Oil Pan! Now that would settle it! Also, have you looked at the drain plug with the pan off, curious if the openning really allows a complete drain or if it has a sort of lip while sitting level? The point about jacking the car really makes sense as well, I do this when draining by plug.

I also agree that the Oil Drain test doesn't make sense with water? Complete difference in viscosity, and that is one of the main importances of Oil in the first place, IMHO.

I will go with the 5 gallon idea, the drum seems a little big! Can you say 500+ pounds, Ouch!

One last point I haven't seen elsewhere. Since this whole discussion really revoles around engine longevity, has anyone come across a oil prime(?) pump to build pressure before the internals actually start moving at startup? We all know that almost all the wear a engine will see is during startup, stand to reason that such a device could extend long life even further (especially in the winter!)? Just a thought.


Ross Newcomb
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