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Thanks for your reply. I work in Kuwait and can get a new bottle at the MB dealer. My intake manifold has three nipples on the main intake throat and 1 nipple on intake runners 1 and 2. The center nipple is where the vacuum advance lines are hooked to. The forward nipple is for the fast idle when a/c is on and the aft nipple is for thermodelay valve. The nipples on the intake runners are for the tranny kickdown and tranny vacuum modulator valve. I have looked at the EPG at the MB dealer here and they dont show exactly where the main vacuum line hooks up on the manifold, but they do show the 3 nipples and none of them seem to show a "Y" fittting that seems to be required. My car being a 190(carb) model is very rare here and the techs at the MB dealer dont really seems to have any answers. I only got into checking my vacuum lines because of them being totally misrouted by the last "techs" that rebuilt my engine and the economy gauge that was always in the red even before the engine rebuild. I just cant stand to see that gauge in the red.
1987 190 Euro
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