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Mike Stone
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Hi Zoid,

People I purchased from now has changed Web Site to :-

They list distributors all over the World.

To copy what I have fitted you need :-

THB Universal Classic System
Aerial Mounted inside rear Bumper Panel
Mounting Pad to match upholstery (From MB Agent)
Sutiable Mobile Phone (I found the Nokia 6310i is trhe best. Voice dialling Included)

The phone holder fits on the pad (2 Screws).
The Black Box goes behind the Passenger Footwell Panel.
You Plug the Phone Holder Cable into the Black Box.
A cable from the Black Box plugs into the Radio.
Another Cable from the Black Box picks up 12v from the Power to the radio.
You plug the Aerial into the Black Box.

Thats it. Dead simple.

I actually paid to have mine done. It took them under 2 Hours.

I now have a system fitted in my latest E320 CDi Estate. One of the last made in the MB Factory.

Nearly every extra in the book. Looks a Million Dollars.

Hope this helps.



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