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Originally posted by mespe
I think the tech was on the right foot, but started off in the wrong direction, Does anyone know if the ABS light turns on when ABS detects that a tire is spinning (traction control) ? I believe that If one tire rotates faster than the other, the faster rotating tire will have the brake applied to it to slow it down so as to prvent fish tailing.

My guess would be that the traction control is defective and applying the brakes too often. This could be confirmed by reduced MPG. What kind of mileage do you get. Another thing that could cause this is riding the brake. Do you drive with a foot on the brake pedal?

Good luck

I need to keep an eye on the average mgh but so far it hasn't been abnormal. Something abnormal is the amount of dust and the grooves (lip at edge of each rotor) in all four rotors after 10,000 miles. The car was never driven hard, the tires are proof to that, they are wearing evenly and the shoulders aren't scrubbed. Foot wasn't on brake while driving. I can only deduce that the system is not performing properly and there's no way I can prove it.

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