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Be careful about using any old ATF. They probably reccomend type A for a reason. Modern Dexron and mercon fluids have evolved to a point where the additives are good only for automatic transmission seals. These modern fluids are bad for seals in power steering systems, and I expect manual transmissions as well. This is probably why they are recommending the original type A.

I put Mobil One 10W30 in my 240D manual transmission at about 150K miles. I have changed it a few times since staying with the same oil. The transmission now has 533K miles on it, and has never been apart. It still works perfect, makes no noise and leaks no fluid.

I recommend that you research this further and be absolutely SURE that modern ATF is okay. If you ruin the seals in a manual it is usually too late when you discover that you lost the lubricant.

Best of luck,

Larry Bible
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