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mercedes a disappointment

I do not wish to start a major rift but -

I have to say that I have been less than impressed with the cars MB has produced in recent years -- I have a couple of old MB's -- my first car was a MB.

I was out looking for a new car the last two weeks -- my e320 was a total disappointment I had so many problems with that car -- major -- not squeaks and rattles. I did not replace that with another MB a few years back,

I was looking at the new SL - I loved the car until I looked close at the build -- the quality of the parts upset me, not to mention the new roofs of all the conv MBs have been a problem -- I just did not look at the car and say "I must have you" for the price one should feel that way. The dealers are cocky with the new SL now also.

I felt the same way looking at the CLK -- How do they make the leather in that car look like plastic!! -- The new S was out, as I do not like the style (same, same, same) and I wanted a two door car! Am I the only one who feels this way.

I love my 560sl -- I love my old 108 -- the are so Mercedes -- so German!!

I was driving my sisters 1992 400e last week -- another great car!

I hate to say it but my 1997 Jaguar VDP gives me the same feeling -- wonderfull interior -- great motor -- I have had no problems with it (thanks to Ford of Europe electrical systems) - I do not feel the same way about the "X" or "S" types.

I just do not get it -- maybe all the electrical stuff is a turn off to me -- The 90s S class was also a nightmare -- I would rather not go into that -- lets just say that many of the parts on that car have not held up as they should. It was an S class not the 60s 70s 600 grosser! I have herd the comments that it was not designed to be cheap to operate -- This I agree, but most of the people I know, who bought them new, felt they had way too much trouble with them - even the dealers warn good customers to stay away from the used ones.

They are selling a lot of C class MBs and all the offspring -- and the dealers are making tons of money -- so I must be in the minority.

Just my thinking.
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