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That was a very good post!

A side point here is the fact that if your a/c high side LOW fan circuit is not working properly [ fuse,relay, resistor, etc.], you can still have a/c , BUT, [ note big but] the condensor will run hotter than normal and this will INDIRECTLY affect the Engine COOLANT
temps because the condensor is in front of the radiator and that will affect the radiators efficiency [ this is a passive heat exchange, but often overlooked when one is diagnosing engine temp slighly higher than normal, but not high enough to trip coolant temp sensor] this will be noted only with a/c on and more likely at slow/stand-still conditions.

I'm very familiar with overheating solutions for 124s/201s with respect to the clutch/aux fans but your post really filled in some gaps in my head with regards to the a/c system in connection to the cooling system!

Btw, did you get my email abt the schematic?

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