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Here we go again, got the A/F back on with new pot and new mixture screw. Took Davect advice adjust the mixture screw so the plate has pressure right away as soon as you try to deflect it. I actually put it about a 1/16 of an inch lower, this seems to start better.

The car is running good now and doesn't have any hesitation. However, the idle still bad, can not hold idle at all, if I let go the gas pedal engine will stall.

To temporary solve the idle issue, I had to use the throttle stop screw to increase the rpm to about 1700 RPM at idle, it's embarassing at the stop light, sometimes it goes up to 2500 RPM.
Could this be an idle control valve? how about the magnetic sensor above the crank pulley? how critical is its position, I had to replace this sensor during the timing cover removal.

It is running but sure is not like a mercedes at idle though. Thank you for any advice.

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