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I have looked everywhere under my hood in the past and could not locate vacuum routing diagram. I know where the lines for the vacuum accumulator hook up, that is how I found the vacuum leak to begin with. I just dont know where the main system vacuum supply line should be hooked up on the intake manifold, I have tried them all with many different results. I could spend hours talking about the knowledge level of auto repair shops in Kuwait and the MB dealer is just barely above the auto repair shops. I have seen brand new 600 series Mercedes being repaired at theses shops because the Kuwaites dont want to pay the labor charge of around $50 at the MB dealers. There are no Kuwaiti technicians, they dont like to get their hands dirty. Most of these tech are from Syria and Lebanon they are hired and then learn by watching and word of mouth. In Kuwait we have 3 main car repair areas. One of these is the junk yard, the other 2 ares have thousands of repair shops, I am not kidding I really mean thousands. I have looked far and wide through these shops and most of the time I end up answering their questions instead of them answering mine and of course there is a language barier.
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