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I double checked the Haynes manual and the owners manual for my father's '82 240D (stick shift). Page 28 of the Haynes recommends Type A ATF for the gearbox, 90W hypoid gear oil for the diff, and ATF for power steering fluid. The MB owners manual (p. 88) specifies 1.4 qts of 10W/20 engine oil for the gearbox, 1.1 qts of 85W90 hypoid gear oil for the diff, and 1.5 qts of ATF for ps fluid. Obviously, there is a discrepency between the Haynes and the owner's manual on what type of fluid to use in the gearbox. I used ATF in the gearbox of my other cars mentioned in the above post and never experienced trans leaks. However, its best to follow the recommendations of the Owners Manual.

'82 300D Turbo 222k miles
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