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Dear tryfunke:

If you only have the ODB2 code "p0101" for a bad MAS sensor, then there's nothing to worry about your drivetrain. Replace the bad MAS sensor and try to clear the EC light code by either disconnecting the battery cables or follow some instruction in your car manual.

I have owned a "recent" (1994) MB gas car and gotten frustrated of all of its miscellaneous and major problems. I have promised to myself that I will never buy another MB gas car. I will only buy old (prior to 1988) MB diesel cars which are much cheaper, much easier to fix and very spacious (e.g. 300SD). I love big cars so that my passengers (and myself) always feel comfortable on long trips. They also drive like a robust tank.

Women only love reliable cars (not like men who like to have a car problem from time to time :-). Get her a Honda Civic/Toyota Corolla or even better Honda Accord/Toyota Camry. She'll never get mad at you again.

Replace MAS and also the air filter.

Best regards,

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