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I believe the design temperature for normal operation of the car is closer to the 86*C figure than the present 96*C figure. When you are running with "excess" cooling capacity the engine temperature is regulated entirely by the thermostat. If, under those conditions the water temperature is 86*C, then that is what was intended for the engine coolant temperature.

When the heat load under other conditions exceeds the capacity of the system these fans come into play. This is normally not an issue as at highway speeds the air flow through the radiator without the fan should be enough to keep the system in the thermostat's regulation range. When you stop and idle in traffic, the fans are needed to regain some heat rejection capacity lost by the lack of air flow over the radiator surfaces. A higher water temperature will increase the effectiveness of the radiator as well, so the temperature stabilizes at a higher value.

If you have heating issues at speed, the thermostat is more likely the problem, assuming the fluid levels are correct. But an engine running with the coolant temperature being regulated by the thermostat is what was intended, and if the thermostat does that at 86*C I would not classify that as cold. I would call the 96*C value "hot" and, by the words in the manual, I would not consider it too hot. But I would be more comfortable with the 86*C number.

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