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ok guys, it's been a while because my car was in the shop for a tranny leak that they do not see. I'm so mad. It leaves a puddle with a diameter of like a foot on my garage floor, i take it to the shop, and it does not leak a single drop for them. This car is really making me mad.

But back to the pulling problem...for the subframe, it was a brand new subframe. I asked, not all of the links and bushings were replaced, only damaged ones from the accident. I don't know which side was or wasn't.

psfred: how much are a complete new set of bushings and links for the subframe? I'm getting desperate...

Also, I had the tech put the car up on the rack for me to check out the rear suspension. The shop that did the original work told me that the whole right side suspension was replaced also. I saw nothing replaced on the back right suspension. Though I had the tech look at it and he saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. I also looked and couldn't find anything wrong. The bushings seemed fine, nothing seemed out of wack.

We looked at the rear left suspension, and we could see that nearly everything was replaced. I don't know if suspensions need worn-in. Is it possible that the rear left suspension just needs worn in?

ALSO, very important info here. We took the car to a custom alignment shop. The guys who were working on my car suggested it to me, they only do alignments and have been doin it for 25+ years now. So the car went down there, they looked it over and saw nothing wrong with it like every other shop. So they decided to try and do a custom alignment. I don't know the EXACT alignment measurements, I can call and get them if you guys want them. But they said they set the alignment specs so basically if you let go of the wheel you should slam into the left barrier, and it was STILL pulling to the right. They did two custom alignments which would make any normal car hit the left barrier and it would still go to the right!@#(!*@!# I'm gonna go crazy.

help Thanks guys.
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