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My folks bought my 16 v in Germany in 1989, they kept it and never drove it much. in 2000 I bought it from them and since then I have replaced (you might want to sit down, this could take a while)

timing chain tensioner ...etc
nito cells and shocks for sls
tie rods (left and right)
drag link
steering arm
front shocks
rebuilt auto trans (that hurt like a mother $$$$$)
steering box rebuilt
front sway bar bushings
new radiator
water pump
belt tensioner

to do list
full exhaust
valve bucket adj.
win powerball or lotto to pay for 16v upkeep.
convince fiancee that this really is worth it.
get my self to a 12 step program

I love this car. They will pry the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands before I give her up.

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