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OH man you guys are in such big trouble and don't even know it. My fiance bought a used 1999 T-5 last Nov and she loves it. She will hurt those that dissagree (that's why I love it too).

I drive it all the time. There does not seem to be too much lag and hers has the traction control so that probably helps out of the corners. I like the fact that it has tons of room (much more then my 16v) but it is too floaty for me. I was never a big Volvo fan but I must admit, for what it is designed to do, it seems to do it quite well. It looks nice (not great but nice) and it is a great cruiser. So far it has only been in the shop once (mass air flow sensor).

Anyway, been nice knowing you guys. I'm giving you a head start before I tell my fiance on you. She should be here in about 2 hours. Good luck

Run silent, run deep.

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