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Engine fumes while warm - not when hot

I have a 380SL with 140K kilometers and I can smell engine fumes for the first 10 minutes of driving, and then it mostly goes away.

The smell is not from exhaust, or fuel, but more like the smell from the oil fill hole. I notice it when stopping at traffic lights, and there is no smoke visible. I haven't had the car long enough to see if there is oil consumption, but it is certainly not dramatic.

I suspect something to do with vacuum, because when I bought the car, the vacuum storage tank was missing. When I replaced it, the smell became apparent, and the transmission developed the 2-3 flare when cold.

I intend to buy a vacuum gauge and do some testing, so have yet to check the vacuum at the transmission. Any ideas where I should look, particularly as both problems seem to be when in the warmup stage.

I can see many articles on the 2/3 flare, but not the fumes smell.

Assistance appreciated.

1982 380SL

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