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I don't know exactly what links were kept and which links were replaced. I'm trying to get ahold of the tech who did the subframe. I will post more details later about it.

As for the bushings. I'm gonna take some pictures tonight for you guys of the rear left and right suspension. The rear left side got all new suspension pieces with new bushings. The right side has the old suspension pieces and old bushings. Should this make a difference enough to make it pull like this? If it's any difference i'll just replace the bushings for the heck of it. If the suspension pieces need replaced with it.....i'll think about replacing them. I've already put a lot of money in to trying to find this problem.

Thanks for the suggestion about the spring pads, I will check them around 2pm est time and post later on about them. I have to get the car back from the tranny shop.

Stay tuned guys If i lived by you guys i'd take you out to dinner for all the help...
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