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I also liked the SEC -- the 90 /91 being the best in my opinion -- dito the sel's of the same years

I am looking for a new car -- at the rate I am going it will be a 2004.

I am going to keep my Jaguar 4 door - as it is in wonderful shape with just about 80K - and it is a great car.

88 560 SL -- not to drive every day at this point -- and I do not like the soft top on the highway - great with the hard top -- plus it is now 15 years old. (same the 108 -- even older -- just to lube that baby is an event)

I am in a position where I often I drive alone or with only one person -- I really only need a coupe -- that is why I looked at the new SL/ CLK -- SLK is a little small.

I will keep looking -- Love the forum
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