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The US spec 1987 16 valve does not appear to have ASD, I have one and there is no ability to hook it up to an SLS and the only sensor input is for the ABS. The only listed difference between the 1986 and 1987 is a mid year change in 1986, starting with VIN number F222285 forward. This is what I have.

The 1992-1993 W201's had a ASD option but not connected to a SLS system, so it must be fed differently.

I also found this:

The "ASD" was used in the late eighties and early nineties as limited slip differential in some Daimler Benz cars.
I know that it was fitted to the "E 34" – W 124.031/M 104.980 3.4 as well as to the Coupés and Cabrios running with the 3.4 Litre inline engine.

This system was limited up to speeds of 35 km/h {22 miles}. At higher speeds it runns as al limited slip differential with fixed lock ratio.
The "ASD" system is using a Differential with ring cylinder and multiple disk clutch, oil reservoir, oil pump, hydraulic unit with accumulator and single solenoid valve, wheel sensors and controller. Pivots or if both drive wheels turn 2 km/h faster than the front wheels, then the ASD is activated. The hydraulic unit is headed for and a pressure of 30 bar affects the ring cylinders of the half axle. The bevel pinions are pulled outward and close the differential. At higher speeds, in the sliding run or when braking the multiple disk clutches work like a limited slip differential with fixed lock ratio. Up to 35 km/22 miles the lock ratio is between 35 – 100%
1993 500E
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