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Congratultions. You are the proud owner of a low mileage car. Over the past 30 years as a professional mechanic my warnings about buying low mileage cars has fallen on deaf ears. Take the little book out of the glove box and read the section on maintenance for cars operated under severe conditions. You'll find short distance driving listed. The engine and trans are really punished in start and stop situations. You'll put more wear on an engine in the first few miles of driving than the next 50 miles on the highway. The belt and fuel smell, etc are incidental and to be expected. The oil consumption wasn't noticed by the PO, because he didn't haul ass on the Interstate for hours at a stretch. Valve seals may solve that problem, but I'm betting a valve job is in order. Just because the car has only 50,000 miles doesn't mean the engine doesn't have a 100,000 miles from idling. Remember a Budhist Monk can go through 5 gallons of gas and never leave the spot he is sitting on.

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