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Thank you so much for your reply. You are right about woman and their perspective on car problems. I knew I had to deal with this. I am frustrated with the local MB dealers in Toledo and Tiffin. They won't schedule diagnostic test for 2 weeks with a EC lite on. I am told they have a specific tester for this car. the generic code taker put out a p0101 code. What happened next might take you by surprise because it knocked my block off. I replaced the air sensor and reconnected the battery since I was forced to do something or else. I don't believe it made any difference. The car still stumbles in drive at rest and in reverse sometimes. It also does not assume a idle instantly when started but instead it wanders up and down (from 1500 to 500rpm times 2) THe EC lite has not turner on over the last 35 miles. the air cleaner was replaced 6000 miles ago. I sure do appreciate your help. Maybe I need to clear the retained code with a code meter? I still would value any kind of insight in this area. Best wishes
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