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W124 Rear arms and struts

I just bought the full kit of 4 links (tie rod, support arm, camber strut, and support arm) (not the shocks) per side from Phil for the rear of my 95 E300D. And not the subframe mounts.

I am planning on doing this job this weekend. My question is, do I need to have the rear suspension loaded when I tighten the bolts? I think I remember reading this somewhere.

I was planning on replacing all the links on one side but keeping them loose, then doing the other side, then putting some blocks down, put the wheels back on, set the car down on the tires but elevated on blocks so I can get under there, and tightening everything up.

Do I have to go to this trouble, or can I just tighten everything with one side jacked up and wheel removed, with suspension hanging and then do the other side?

(and yes, I have and use excellent jack stands!)

Chris W.
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