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Okay, time to answer some questions and ask some questions...

1). You had said "It's squeeking around the front left fender area" ... have you figured out what that is? I am wondering what that is?
I fortunately got that off my mind yesterday. It was firewall rubbing up against an engine mount. Cleared some space and I havn't heard it since.

2). Did you look for uneven brake pad wear? I am suggestioning that a sticking caliper or weird ABS/traction control issue.
I havn't yet just because all of the break pads were replaced after the accident. The only reason I would say that it's not a sticking caliper is the fact that if I press on my brakes, it still pulls to the right. If it was a sticking caliper it shouldn't still pull to the right like that, from what I understand.

Another question: Does your emergency brake work the same as before?
It works the same as before, I specifically had it looked at too, it seemed to be ok.

I agree with haasman about finding out what's wrong without throwing parts at it, but I'm trying to help you with your approach as best I can.
I completely understand, any help with this what so ever, suggestions, ideas, is completely open. The problem is so vague that it could be so many number of things. Even the slightest smallest idea of what it could be helps. You've been a huge help.

Is 4,000lbs floor jacks and jack stands ok on the car? My dad already has 4,000lbs, i'm not sure what you're supposed to use on W124. What do you guys use? 2ton or 3ton?
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