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Question Question for Thomaspin

I have reviewed your great write up on the M116 timing chain replacement. I was wondering if you knew if the replacement on the M119 is as easy as you made it look in your write up for the M116. My M119 has about 130k miles on it and I would like to replace the chain, rails and tensioner.

I have researched the threads and have not seen any more helpful than yours. Have I missed any? Any suggestions? I have read that some say to have a shop do it.

I feel pretty confident that I can do it but I have not worked on any MB's before. I do not have any shop manuals for it either since it is a '97 S420 and the manuals have not been released by MB USA. I have been a DIYer for many years working on my cars. I have learned a lot from my dad who was a mechanic for over 50 years, but MB's are new to me. Any help would be appreciated.


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