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Thank you gentlemen, I certainly feel very greatful for the advice you two have shared. I am made to feel like a bum getting any immediate help for my wife's car at a dealership. This has been a great lession for me. I really cannot advocate having an older merc (96) when you're expected to have a new mercedes (a around here) or stand in this long line and wait since We have an older (dumper) mercedes. That is how I feel. I must say the best experience to date is having a thread like this with people that want to help for just the satisfaction of helping others. BRAVO!
It is really great.
I have traced vacuum lines that I can see and I will try this again. I have not looked under the car for these lines. Are there any known trouble areas to look at? I have spent about 5 hours looking at past post if there are any that appear to be especially forthcoming.
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