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I have not had any problems with the light bulbs yet. I wash it on a regular basis and have not seen any mosture anywhere. I may open up one of the tail lights and take a peek. As far as the ball joints are concerned.... I wonder if it is covered under the certified warranty? If it is I may have to do that just before it runes out.

This S70 can't be anymore of a problem than my 16v. I have damn near replaced the whole car so far. Trans, tensioner, timing chain and rails, condenser, shock and sls bags, tie rods, drag link, steering arm, cruise actuator and amp, steering box rebuilt .... you ge the picture.

Oh by the way jet... she was reading over my shoulder. You may wont to run like hell. She is on google now searching for your name. Once she finds it, well, let me put it to this way. She is a nurse and reads true murder books. She swears she can kill me and not leave a mark. I sleep with one eye open.
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