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The time chain was replaced 4 years ago. I switched to Mobil 1 and I pop the valve cover ever 15k so check on the chain. So far the sprockets look clean and new. It has about 40k on it with the new chain.

The only car I can think of similar to the 16v is the late model M3's. I thought that is what MB designed the car to compete with anyway. I like the 16v better though. Does not look like a kit car the way the old M3 do. My 16v is my daily driver and I work long hours and live in TX with the nice warm summers so I usually have the work done on my car. I will do the basic stuff likeoil changes, plugs, injectors when t comes time. But I do not have the time nor the inclination to do the more time consuming stuff. Just had the steering box rebuilt. That owuld have been to much of a pain in the ass to do my self.

It runs great now. I need to have the valve buckets chimed and I need a new exhaust. It is rusted out. I am going to get the cat from German star and the res/muff from timevalve this fall. The car is due for inspection in Nov so it will be Oct probably. It's a never ending cycle with that lovely POS. And I say that in the most TLC kind of way.
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