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Dear Mr. LarryBible,

Maybe your daughter was unlucky enough to get a bad Honda Civic (probably a potential lemon). I fully agree that every car brand has its own problems. However, considering the fact that the Japanese car makers possibly sell 5-10 times more cars per year in the US than DCAG and they have still been able to maintain a much lower percentage of troublesome new cars, it's pretty safe to say that taking as a whole, Japanese cars (well most of them are made in the US) are way more reliable than those of DCAG. If DCAG were able to sell that many cars in the US, their myriad of troublesome (new) gas cars would possibly bury it in debt due to class-action lawsuits.

Also, a cheapest MB car is about 2.5-3 times more expensive than a basic Honda Civic, it would be no surprise that DCAG must be able to provide better customer service.

Best regards,

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