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Where is 300E Heater Blower Motor Fuse? Please help running out of cars.

My daughters new Honda, yes Honda is two months old and went into limp mode and set check engine light. I put her in my wifes car, my wife in my 300E and drove my backup which is the C.

I now have to drive the Honda 70 miles tomorrow in limp mode not being able to go over 50MPH to the dealer and the blower quit working on the 300E. It's over 100 degrees so it's too much to expect her to drive it without an a/c although I will have to drive the Honda with the a/c broken along with the other problems.

In the fuse box lid on the 300E it simply says "Heater Blower Fuse Outside Fuse Box."

Can someone tell me exactly where to look. With my luck it's probably tie wrapped to the most unreachable part of the evaporator.

Please help ASAP.

Thanks a bunch,
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