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I don't care if a car, TV, refrigerator or anything else costs $150 or $150,000 when a customer has problems with it, the selling company should STAND BEHIND IT.

I BUST MY %&%$# ON A DAILY BASIS FOR MY CUSTOMERS!!!!!! I don't expect anyone that I buy merchandise from to bust theirs for me, but I do expect them to be REASONABLE.

If you want to believe that the only cars that give trouble are MB's then you have the right to do so. Honda's are crap. The only reason my daughter has one is that my Dad has been buying and selling them since he retired in 1983 and has brain washed her.

Honda's are difficult to work on, they have the stupid timing belts that have to be changed every time you turn around, they are always busting the stupid CV joint boots that are a pain in the (*&^*() to replace, the sheet metal is melted down beer cans and will bend at the slightest provocation, the vinyl and plastic in them stink and rots in a short amount of time, It's a royal PITA to change the oil filter, etc., etc., etc.,

These maladies don't stop with the cheap Civics. The Acuras and other high end Jap crap Hondas have the very same weaknesses.

You should call my Dad and praise your great Hondas with him, but it doesn't sell with me.

Have a great day,
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