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let's all play nice in the sand box. I would like to think that my wife's car is in a self healing mode. Could this be possible? Althought it has stalled and runs rough with the new mas sensor periodically,(post 50 miles) it seems to be running better. WIthout being too starry-eyed, the conditions mentioned seem improved presently. The EC lite has not returned. Once more I looked for vac hose problems on the c class and found no loose connections. I notice one vacuum hose goes down below the manifold toward the firewall but lI lose sight of it towards the last spark plug closest to the firewall. It is attached to something I cannot see.
Again, I thank one and all for helping me . I don't know if it is resolved. I will not be able to return to this post after 8-1-03 for a few days so anything or any thought now will really make a difference. thanks
tom o
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