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Hey Davect,

It took me about 3 hours to put the old 017 pot back in the car, it is a bit better but still can't hold idle for ****. I had to use the stop screw to jack the idle up a bit so it won't die on me, it still does but less frequent. Right now the stop screw went pass the idle micro switch so this switch is not doing a thing, I know this is bad for the idle close loop, the ecu will never sees this car at idle, I know this will also cause big problem, when the weather is cold.

However, all and all, the 017 pot is the right stuff for this 16v, don't try the new bosch 035 pot, the 035 pot is a bit different if you look at the art work on the pc closely, not for 16v folks.

I have some new injectors that I plan to put them in at a later day.

Hey Davidmash, your car sounds very good and well care for, how many miles do you have on it, if you can afford the repair I think it is a good call life is too short.

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