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A couple of my uncles have Volvos and have had others in the past. One uncle that lives locally had a 1987 Volvo 240 wagon, with 250K+ miles and it still ran very well, until it was in an accident. He also had a 1981 Volvo GL, that was rather unreliable, but the automatic transmissions are about the smoothest I have seen on a 1980s imported car. He also has a 1984 GL and another 1986 240 wagon, which is a parts car. Also others in his fleet such as a 94 Camry (wifes car) 1989 Ranger, and two classic Pontiacs- a 1957 and 1963. My other aunt and uncle in Richmond had a 1984 Volvo GL and it was a excellent car- they sold it to the uncle listed above. He may have sold it, as well as the other Volvo wagons he had. My uncle in Richmond bought a late 80s Volvo 740GLE and it has been a excellent car. The only problems I have seen my uncle that lives locally have with any them is fuel injection system problems- especially on the 1981 model. One of my best friends parents has a 1997 Volvo 850, a 1987 Volvo 740, both which are excellent cars. Overall- I think the 1980s and 1990s Volvos are really good cars. Just remember to check for fuel and electrical system problems, as well as rust in the floors and trunk. I live in the south- where rust is not a problem, but have seen many northern Volvos with some rust issues- especially in areas you cannot see- like the underbody. Good luck.
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