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Could anyone recommend a way to trace a voltage leak to its source? Or is there a relatively common problem that may be causing this? I have been experiencing the battery going flat after the car sits for more than a few days. I have removed the fuse to the climate control servo to see if it was not “parking” properly (and drawing voltage if it were stuck) – but that was apparently not the problem. The only other thing that is drawing any voltage while parked is a standard little Bosch relay that is part of the alarm system. (But I have had that for years without any prior problems, it doesn’t pull very much amperage.) And yes, the battery is not only tested & good, it was replaced as a result of this problem, yet I am still having the new one go flat after 3-4 days. I am puzzled and don’t know what else to look at.

I almost forgot - the car in question is a 1980 U.S. spec 107 chassis

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