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I made my first long trip in my 190E this past weekend and took it on the highway. The car drove exceptional until up around 190km/h when I could feel a slight vibration. It appeared to be from the backend/differential.
There wasn't a noise or anything but to me at least there seemed to be a slight swaying at times almost as if the diff gears were out of line....I apologize for the poor details but compared with my fathers 2001 Volvo S40 (Canadian spec...5 speed auto from S80) there seems to be something out of line. In long sweepers its fine and handles better than anyfront drive car I've driven (this includes the Volvo, Lexus ES300) but not so in a straight line compared with my friend's fathers '98 540i 6 speed and this is up to speeds of 240km/h. Could anyone possibly offer my any ideas,comments or even stories on this topic? Thank you, MIKE MCKINNEY

'91 190E 2.6
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