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I don't drive like that all the time......
I just wanted to see what my car had up there and was impressed!!!!!It got up to speed quickly for an automatic and got to 190km/h in no time at all....It gains speed almost as fast as my brothers contour SVT which doesn't have much over that speed but, would get embarrassed by my fathers Volvo S40 which really comes alive at 140km/h +
I don't advocate reckless high speed travel on public roads but when is 3 o'clock in the morning and nobody is out on the 401 why not?
I appreciated your response and would really appreciate if anyone else had any ideas on this topic? I can say that occasionally the car does wander off course at slower speeds in a straight line but, not all the time. It can be arrow straight down the same road a few minutes later....same road,conditions,
pavement consistancy etc...Please offer anything you can think of!!!

'91 190E 2.6
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