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If your car needs the newer bolts, the number for the bolt kit is 210 350 45 06 and that for the bushing is 210 352 00 43.

In all you will need three sets of the bolt kit per side and 3 sleeves/bushings per side. The bushings go into the carrier. When I replaced the links on my '86 300E, I used the new longer bolts from the bolt kit along with the bushing where the thrust arm, camber strut and torque strut connect to the rear wheel carrier. I used the old bolts where the above three links connect to the chassis because the old bolts had the hex head and it was easier to use a socket on them. The new bolts need a torx bit.

The rear axle shaft has to be horizontal before you torque down all the links to the carrier and the frame. If you have the MB service manual, the files to refer in the chassis section are:

35-110.pdf - for the camber strut
35-111.pdf - for the torque strut
35-112.pdf - for the tie rod
35-113.pdf - for the thrust arm

Make sure the vehicle and the rear axle are supported well and use exterme caution when torquing the link down.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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