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where on the 401 do you have your fun? Where i live, i have to drive about 100km away from the Greater Toronto Area to have some real fun.

i myself have reached about 195kph on my 5spd 190e2.6 on the 401 but only for a brief moment. I was overtaking an old S-class benz once with about a 60kph speed differential, to show him what benzes are for ... ;-)

try rotating your tires in the recommended pattern (fronts going diagonally across rears, and rears going straight up to fronts) and see if the vibration transfers to the front and is felt through the steering wheel. If it does, then you know it is caused by your wheel/tire balance.

everytime i rotate my tires, or switch back from my winter tires, i take the car out on the highway to see if there is any vibration and at what speed. If it happens at 140kph, i check it see if it goes away at 160kph (!).

happy motoring ...

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