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I'm with tecqboy. You haven't found any vacuum leaks, its running better than before with new MAS, start listing what you have and haven't done yet.
Starting with inginition system:
ingin. wiring - unplug replug - clean contacts - etc...
spark plugs - cap - rotor -
check all fuses....
check trans fluid and oil......(don't ask)
and so on and so on...........
Add a fuel cleaner to the tank. (do a search on recommended brand)

Also, I agree with Larry about Japanese cars, they are harder to work on than MB's. Big pain, biigg pain Tom son...
AND...... I have heard and read a looot of good comments about MB's C class. Its a keeper. Just has the hicups right now.
Quick story...
Bought a 2001 Toyota Sienna a couple months ago, three days after taking it of the lot the back hatch latch breaks. Got it fixed by dealer, leaving dealer we almost get into an accident.. left break grinds metal to metal when I stomped on the break... last week.. side door handle release button breaks and stays in the door, unable to open and close. I know these things might sound simple, but if you can't open the door to a family van, what the f^^^^ing use of the car..
For the age of the car I really didn't expect to have any problems yet.
If it was a 1996, thats almost 8 years new. There will be a few things that need attention.
ONE more thing. I found a vacuum leak that was hidden under the plastic cover for the distributor cap. I would never have though otherwise. I don't want to sound like a nagging mom but I hope your not just look a the vacuum lines...feel around.. push the connections in just to be safe...

All righty good luck,
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