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Ashman; I have the same info on my gas door aswell. I hope everyone who drives their car at highspeed takes tire specs into account aswell. Blowouts are a possibility at speed. 5 or 6 years ago I saw the back end of a 7 series bmw destroyed from some sort of tire related problem. The car seemed heavily loaded as well so the maximum load tolerances were probably surpassed. That tire destroyed the rear bumper assembly, rear quarter, and who knows what in terms of suspension. People really need to spend a little more time on checking tires and pressure in them and take it seriously. Anyways my original problem I noted with my 190 is very hard to describe, I'm thinking of having the rear diff flushed and inspected when I splurge on some new radials in the not to distant future. If anyone else has any other ideas on what the vibration might be coming from the rear of the car at high speed, I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you everyone, Mike Mckinney

'91 190E 2.6
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