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Hear, hear on the fuel and electrical problems. My diesel gave me no fuel or electrical problems but turned into a rust bucket. Same problem with my 84 and 85 123 Mercedes, especially the wagons.
I went to buy a 1987 240 Volvo with 50,000 original miles on it for my wife (with about 45,000 original miles on her) and it wouldn't start. She starts fine.
Flakey electrical problems that I hadn't encountered on a Volvo before. These expanded into flakey fuel problems. Then again, the 240s used that same god-awful fuse panel that Mercedes used, with those bullet fuses, except Volvo puts them in the left front kick panel safe from weather, rather than in the engine compartment.
I am still angry about that low mileage Volvo; it was original in every respect, including a Volvo battery, but we could not get it going for love or money.
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