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I did a 360 spin accelerating up to 60km/h in the rain today!!!!!!!Only accelerating moderately and I lost the back end!!!!!If I hadn't thrown in opposite lock as soon as I did I probably would have hit a telephone poll if it went around again!!!!!! The Bridgestone Potenza's I have on there now are garbage!!!!!!!!!! (195/65R15's) I am spending all my available money at this point on new tires. I was thinking about Michellin X1's or MX4's (195/60R15's). I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these tires and had any thoughts on them. They seem like an exceptional tire, they have 100% more water channeling ability then the Bridgestone's are are rated for 100,000kms. Any thoughts trent, Larry ? anybody?
Any imput greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!

'91 190E 2.6
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