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Nick Jamal
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Hi folks, couldn't help but contribute to this Canadian-dominated thread!
I've probably seen you around campus as I'm in London right now myself...
I've had Bridgestone RE930s on for a couple of seasons - they're very stable, firm and grippy for an H-rated tire, but tend to wear quickly. I think you'll find the X1s squishy, especially if you have fun at 190kmh on the 401... you should go with dedicated winter tires on this car, for sure. Don't bother with Blizzaks (had them), save your money and head over to Canadian Tire (just grin and bear it) and pick up a set of their Nordic Ice Trac tires - they're probably made by Bridgestone anyway, are a fraction of the cost and are S-speed rated, even though they have a multicell compound (most others are Q-rated). I've used them for 3 winters now, and they are an excellent tire.
See you around...
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