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hi all,

i use Pirelli P600s on my 190e2.6 for summer. Admittedly, these are not the best tires you can buy out there, but i succumbed to the Canadian Tire sale then before learning about this website and all the recommendations with tires (either that or i had a wad of Canadian Tire money back then).

although these are M+S tires, and the "M+S" rating being practically meaningless (being related only to tread pattern and not compound), my traction suffers when it is cold and wet. I believe the rubber compound is the culprit, which hardens and loses grip when the temperature falls.

as such, i have to be especially careful driving in the fall, when it gets cold and usually rains (like now). That means less late-braking, and less exuberant apex-clipping for me. All the more because the benz steering is too slow, and the steering wheel too large to catch a slide effectively.

my next summer tires will be michelins.

Shyne, you can visit the Tire Rack site for tire speed ratings (e.g., Q-rating).

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