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Thank you all for your reply's on the tire issue. I went with the Michelin X1's
(195/65HR15's) for $118.00 per tire installed
(I live in Canada=good price) I think I made the right decision with the combination of excellent wet weather traction these tires offer(excellent water channeling) and the H rating helps when I decide to travel somewhere on the highway. I had them installed this afternoon since I had no class today and drove home in the rain. Very pleased with the handling!!!!!!! But my original problem with the rear diff still has not resolved itself. I am wondering about changing the diff fluid and was wondering if this could be done DIY and if so whether or not I would need ramps or jack stands to undertake this job. Larry do you use ramps for you DIY oilchanges? Anybody else do something different? Anyone have any tips? I have changed the oil myself before on other machines but both were riding lawn tractors so I was wondering about tips. Thank you for everything folks!!!!!!Any additional replies greatly appreciated!!!!!!

'91 190E 2.6
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