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Right on the money


I think the generation that was so smitten with the rice rockets in the 70's and 80's are still smitten with them even though they are falling apart on the factory floor. You also have a larger middle class that don't quite understand spending an extra $5k-$10k more for a MB and settle for an rice rocket. BRAIN BLOCKAGE, they just can't comput the extra info, which = class and luxury.

Simply put, there are more people that have BRAIN BLOCKAGE out there. So more reponses to lame evaluations.

Tom? tomo? ,
Stick with your C class, period.

= I really hate those toyota full size pickup commercials. They have hard working American contructions workers proclaiming their love for those stupid trucks. AHHHHHHH Hate em@!!
Just desprate actors..bastards!!
O.K. I think thats enough......

1990 300E 187k Running like a bull on Viagra
Nov2005 UPDATE: 205k RUNNING BULL on vacation...
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